Dr. Jeanne F. Loring

Jeanne F. Loring is Chief Scientific Officer of Aspen Neuroscience in La Jolla, California and Professor Emeritus at Scripps Research Institute.

She founded the Centers for Regenerative Medicine at both the Burnham Institute (2004) and Scripps (2008). Her laboratory studies genomics and epigenetics of human pluripotent stem cells, the remarkable cells that can make every cell type in the body. Her lab is using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to develop a patient-specific neuron replacement therapy for Parkinson’s disease and a stem cell-based treatment for multiple sclerosis, and for studying the underlying causes of autism during human brain development. With the San Diego Zoo, her scientists are developing a ""zoo"" of iPSCs from endangered species to produce gametes to aid in their conservation by assisted reproduction. Her team is also sending brain organoids generated from human iPSCs to the International Space Station for a study of neuroinflammation in microgravity.

Dr. Loring is an advocate for patients and an outspoken critic of stem cell clinics that operate outside any ethical or scientific oversight. She speaks out against unregulated stem cell therapies that have caused severe injuries and even death, and the clinics who convince desperately ill patients to pay for treatments that are not effective.

Jeanne was a speaker at the 2020 Undoing Aging Conference event.