Philip Moreira

Philip Moreira is the co-founder and deal analyst at PRM Assets, a real estate investment management company that group purchases apartment complexes in economically diverse and growing markets in the US. Our goal at PRM Assets is to provide safe, affordable housing for the American worker to raise a family. We take great pride in the properties we own and seek to enhance the lives of the community by redefining the place they call home. He analyse potential deals against our conservative and stringent criteria to maintain a balance between improving the community for the tenants while maximising returns for our investors.

He currently resides in Dubai, UAE, with his wife where He work for one of the world's largest defence contractors as a senior electrical engineer. Drawing upon his strategic and logical engineering mindset, his underwriting for his real estate projects are critical and thorough. Together we own real estate in Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; Memphis, TN; and Jacksonville, FL areas. We are able to invest effectively in an overseas market because we partner with trusted, local, experienced experts and meet regularly to maintain relationships with the team.
Country: US
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