Denise Ang

With over 20 years of global experience, Denise is a business strategy and partnerships leader with strategic vision and proven ability to execute and deliver exceptional results, and an effective communicator who establishes strategic alliances, champions ideas and builds consensus in cross-product and cross-functional teams. Denise is excited about making technology accessible to billions of people. She currently works on establishing strategic partnerships for Android and Assistant in Google to bring the next generation of technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), to billions of devices. Prior to joining Google, Denise led cross-functional teams across product management, engineering, legal and finance to drive growth, monetization, strategy and partnerships for an extensive spectrum of products in hardware, software and big data at Qualcomm. Denise developed strategic partnerships with technology companies in smartphones, AR, VR and IoT. Denise has also served in the Singapore Administrative Service in a broad range of portfolios that include leadership development, environment, security and finance. Denise is passionate about diversity and inclusion issues of Asian Women and advancing the professional development of Asian Women in the technology community in Silicon Valley. Denise has founded the Asian Women Empowerment (AWE) Network ( to advance Asian Women professionals in technology and business, and to promote the representation of Asian Women in leadership. Denise is also an advisor to startups and a mentor to Asian Women professionals in the technology community. Denise is a Certified Executive Coach and has extensive experience in leadership development, talent management and organizational development ( Denise is also a highly sought-after speaker on technology, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development topics. Denise has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Denise is trained in negotiation in Harvard Law School. Denise is fluent in English and Chinese and use both languages comfortably in negotiations with US and foreign companies.
Country: US
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