Marvin Magill

Marvin Magill has PMP Certification 2013 MBA Business 2004 Florida Institute of Technology MS Engineering 1990 (Weapons Engineering) Naval Postgraduate School Iowa State University BS. Biology Coe College Biology/Chemistry 2yrs Program Management in Test & Evaluation with extensive background in ordnance and weapons systems engineering with military and engineering background.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal certification, Alabama Unlimited Explosives Blasters License. explosives safety and handling, FCC General License, US and foreign weapons with FMS and ITAR experience. Extensive Systems Engineering and managing Weapons Programs, modeling and simulation experience in various computer platforms and systems. Missile engagements, endo- exo- atmospheric analysis, weapons systems hardware testing and handling. Data acquisition system set up and design, LabView and National Instruments systems for testing inertial navigation systems. Weapons navigation. Underwater diving and testing from extensive Navy diving experience.
Country: US
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