Charles Schue

Charles Schue's interests almost always include cutting edge engineering technology: the first practical device to measure bone density for space medicine; the first neurosurgical device to accurately and quickly measure blood flow; the first underwater walking robot; the best terrestrial alternative to GPS; the first pre-shot sniper detector; and electromagnetic thrusters designed to shorten the travel time to Mars.

While serving our country in the U.S. Coast Guard, He worked his way up through 13 advancements and promotions, and took every opportunity along the way to be a better person and leader. He is proud to call myself a "mustang." his preference is to invest in people, particularly people who are excited and passionate about improving the way we live. Whenever He can, He try to apply his expertise in PNT, particularly Trusted Timing and Trusted Positioning. Over the past several decades, his (ad)ventures has included advancements in the areas of aerospace, PNT, medical devices, wireless communications, business operations, underwater robotics, and, most recently, specialized food products. As an example, He started UrsaNav in 2004, quickly evolving it from a garage operation into four diverse business units: C5ISR, IT, Information Management, and Low Frequency.
Country: US
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