Dwight Holland

Dwight Holland has specialties/capabilities in: Human Systems Integration in various Aerospace Systems: Workload, Controls/Displays/Visual Information Processing, and Aerospace Medicine Research; International/Diplomatic Science and Technology; some aspects of general Preventive Research Medicine; Ergonomics; Leadership and Systems/Organizational Growth/Management; Assessing Sustainable Scientific Policy, and Higher Education Issues; Flight Test Engineering, Flying (FAA commercial and jet type rating); Certified Professional Ski Instructor (PSIA) in Alpine discipline for Vail, CO and Wintergreen, VA resorts(part-time) Known as a "responsible agent for change" and process improvement from a systems perspective. Passionate about improving organizational performance through a variety multi-discipline approaches with sustainable mechanisms. Historically involved with Science and Technology and Engineering/Acquisitions issues at DoD, Command, Academia and local levels. Also has been involved with international Science and technology issues. Interests and activities in Human Systems Integration, space and terrestrial exploration, education, military matters, international issues, and some aspects of general preventive medicine. Strong component of leadership in a variety of organizations from financial to scientific locally, State level, national, and international. World-Class education with diverse academic and governmental interests.
Country: US
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