Ayhan İnci̇rci̇

Dr. Ayhan İNCİRCİ has two professional areas. The first professional area is education. He graduated as an English Teacher. He has teaching experience for more than 15 years. Through 15 years he has worked as an administrator in various schools starting from primary to higher educational institutes (universities, colleges, etc.) Besides schools, he also has worked for the central organization of the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey. He has been to so many international congresses and presented 22 international pieces of research, published 12 international papers, conducted blind review duties for academic journals. He has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. The second professional area is space and international relations. He graduated from Public Relations and started work for international relations in the fields of defense and aerospace. He has researches and projects about aerospace and defense areas. He has run processes of many international agreements on side of the Republic of Turkey. He published articles about space and defense in the most popular journal of the Turkish Defense Ministry. He started to work as the Director of the International Relations Department of the Turkish Space Agency (TUA) as the TUA established. He is the first and the only director of the international relations of TUA. TUA is the sole institution that is responsible for and in charge of representing the Republic of Turkey in the international space area. He is responsible for so many international space projects, ten of which are running under the APSCO. He is the focal point/person of the TUA in nine international space organizations
Country: Turkey
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