Sheikha Maskari

Sheikha Maskari is a business oriented professional with years of experience in leading corporate functions in large sized organizations across diverse industries. A leader with strong belief in organizational innovation and problem-solving with extensive experience in strategy, operational plans, excellence programmes, budgeting, project management. Expert in developing business frameworks for organisations in multiple stages of maturity including the development of structures, processes, policies, and procedures that serve in achieving organizational goals. Passionate, strategic thinker, high achiever, self-motivated, detail oriented, quality focused, highly creative, multitasked, and enjoys challenges. Founder of Qiyadiyat- a platform for supporting, developing, and showcasing the talents of young professional females. Part of the Kafaat team for mentoring young Emirati individuals. A public speaker for local universities and schools. A writer and columnist at leading local newspapers.
Country: UAE
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