William Carbone

William Carbone's passion is with technology, business, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has always been excited about technology, and the way it can transform people's lives. We are living in a time of unprecedented opportunities. He enjoys bringing together multi-stakeholder groups, engaging individuals and bringing the human factor in technology. He leads people and organizations to strive for success and value.

He holds an MBA degree from Quantic School of Business and Technology of Washington DC, and a Master's degree in Engineering in IT Systems from Vienna University of Applied Sciences. WHAT He DO I'm a serial innovator. During his most recent tenure at IBM he served as Quantum Ambassador for Global Automotive, Aerospace & Defense industries, and as Business Development Executive. His main focus is to identify opportunities, drive business & technology strategies and roadmap for the industries worldwide. Being a seasoned executive with decennial experience in IT-driven innovation, he gives a special touch on emerging technologies and innovation to drive business transformation. Visionary by nature, he leads the creation of many cutting-edge solutions, using AI, Quantum, IoT, Cloud and Blockchain.
Country: Italy
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