Djamal Darfilal

Djamal Darfilal graduated from the University of Tlemcen in 2010 with a B.Sc. in Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering. After gaining a Master degree in Energetic Engineering and Environment in 2012, he began a research career at University of Tlemcen where he developed applied thermal activities. In 2014 Djamal Joined Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) as a satellite system engineer, developing space propulsion systems and working on the ALSAT 1B medium resolution satellite . In 2019 .Djamal became a senior researcher in the same area. Djamal is the project manager of ASAL PDP Project and also founder of Satellite Propulsion Laboratory at Satellite Development Center.

Djamal has particular expertise on Energetics and applied thermal engineering , gaining his PhD in this area in 2019. He has developed and designed a Solar Reactor for Hydrogen production. As a project manager, he played a key role in developing the Algeria's first satellite propulsion system. Djamal supervises undergraduate and post graduate projects at national and international universities.
Country: Algeria
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