His Johnson

His Excellency Honourable Lord Paul Johnson works on Governments level Liaison with companies and Governments on contracts within African and the E.U countries, Kenya, Congo, I.V.C Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Slovenia, and Croatia. Honourable Paul Johnson also works in finding programs within the above countries in development and inward investment for outside companies. Honourable Paul Johnson works with the defense contractor (security contractor) business organization, individual that provides products or services to a military or intelligence department of a government. Products typically include military or civilian aircraft, ships, vehicles, weaponry, and electronic systems. Services can include logistics, technical support and training, communications support, and in some cases team-based engineering in cooperation with the government. Honourable Paul Johnson is proud to become a 20% share holder and Exective of an United States Oil and Gas Company (Veterans International Petroleum Services Inc ). VIPS has a long history within the Oil and Gas Industry. VIPS owns 1760 Oil and Gas wells also Coal reserves. Our Oil and Gas reserves can run every home and every Industry within the USA for the Next 100 years +. We supply Crude as well as refined products IE; Jet A1, D2, D6 and so on. VIPS has a Net value well into the 100's of billions USD. Honourable Lord Paul Johnson is very proud to announce that his just been made a Emissary for the State of SCNRFP. His also become an Member of there Government as an Director of there Marshal Training for UN peacekeeping operations around the world.
Country: Kenya
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