Vik Pant

Vik Pant is a researcher and practitioner of conceptual modeling, and applied artificial intelligence. His scholarship and research are focused on conceptual modelling of strategic coopetition in complex multi-agent systems. His academic research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed scholarly journals. These include the Journal of Strategic E-Commerce, the Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective, the Journal of Information System Security, Business Process Management Journal, Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly, and the Journal of Information Technology Education.

He has also presented his academic research at refereed scholarly conferences including the Practice of Enterprise Modelling, the International Conference on Software Business, the International Conference on Information Resources Management, and the International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research. Vik earned a doctorate from the Faculty of Information (iSchool) in the University of Toronto where his thesis was unanimously accepted by the examination committee As-Is and without any changes, a master's degree in business administration with distinction from the University of London, a master's degree in information technology from Harvard University, where he received the Dean’s List Academic Achievement Award, and an undergraduate degree in business administration from Villanova University.
Country: Canada
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