Tony Miller

Upon joining the Navy, Tony Miller's life was profoundly affected by two commanding officers on his first ship, one negatively and one positively. His eyes were opened to the far-reaching effects of leadership on the lives of other people, and this started his path of intentional leadership learning. As a commanding officer, he also became a teacher of leadership because he wanted to make sure that all those he led were affected in a positive way as much as he could make possible. He has seen how easy it is to get wrapped up in the business of the day and not place the lives of our people at the center of our focus where it should be.

After Navy he became a supply chain manager, he quickly realized that the challenges of being a servant leader and building engagement in the workforce are at least as difficult in the corporate world as in uniform. He has seen many people who are excited to come to work and they take ownership, has pride in their work, love the people they work with, and they go above and beyond to complete the mission of the company. Tony Miller can help increase your leadership effectiveness with coaching or leadership training for you or your whole team.
Country: US
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