Jack Frederick

Jack Frederick is an advisor on STEM Education to states, public school systems and universities including the UMass Young Scholars Program and NSF projects. Drawing on life and career experience Jack conducts seminars for schools and universities on Rocket Science & Leadership. Jack's passion is to encourage students in rural and/or underprivileged schools. Jack works closely with Tuskegee University and other Historical Black Colleges (HBCU's) with a focus to impact students in the area identified by Booker T Washington as the Black Belt of the South. He has serves on advisory boards to Alabama State University and the Florida Center for Research on STEM Education.

Jack was appointed Legacy Ambassador to the Tuskegee Multicultural Human and Civil Rights Museum founded by Fred Gray who defended Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr in the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott trials. Fred and Jack are close personal friends and share a vision to impact students and educators to improve education and diversity across the south and the nation. Mr. Frederick is a retired Principal Systems Engineer w Raytheon Company of Waltham, Massachusetts, and former Propulsion Lead for the PATRIOT Missile System. Jack holds a BS in Chemical Engineering w extensive experience in rocket design, development and testing. He holds a Black Belt in Six Sigma and served on the Steering Committee of Raytheon's Program Management College. Jack was invited by the United Nations to serve as an UNMOVIC Weapons Inspector in Baghdad. Jack has taught leadership, rocket design and family values around the world. He’s been happily married to Gail for over 40 years; they has three children, two sons-in-law, four grandkids and a very large South African Mastiff named Bigwig. Jack holds the office of 'servant' and has led and mentored churches around the world teaching on faith, family biblical principles and leadership values.
Country: US
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