Austin Boyd

Austin Boyd is a CEO for Whitespace Innovations, Inc., a startup company providing business consulting services to defense and aerospace businesses, colleges, non-profits, and economic development agencies. Customers range from major defense firms requiring senior support on proposal and capture activity, to small businesses seeking to penetrate new markets, and non-profit organizations seeking development and grant support. Previously, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Business Development at Davidson Technologies, Huntsville, AL, leading the strategic market diversification of a missile defense engineering company. Quintupled the bid rate and doubled the business pipeline, with a very high proposal win rate. CEO of a small product development company (INERGI) leading a turnaround effort during the recession, leading to a successful sale of the company to LSINC. That acquisition culminated a challenging two-year period of business consolidation, during which INERGi emerged with a tight focus on engineering and product development. Fund raiser for Crisis Pregnancy causes around the nation. Speaker at fund raising banquets and consultant to non-profit corporations seeking to raise funds for Crisis Pregnancy causes. Raising $2M for the nation's third busiest Crisis Pregnancy Center in Huntsville, AL (Choose Life of North Alabama, Inc.). Raising funds to support key Christian ministries around the nation. Speaker to numerous civic and church groups on issues related to "Understanding Islam" to help audiences understand more of the complexities of the Islamic faith and be better prepared to share their Christian faith with Muslims. Specialties: Business development and marketing manager. Product development manager. Business leader and CEO. Inventor. Space systems engineer with two patents. Novelist with 5 published works, several more in work. Fund raising and speaking at national-level forums.
Country: US
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