Sean Tai

Sean Tai has been a tech entrepreneur since 2000. Founder and former CEO of Debtdomain, a B2B SaaS global platform for syndicated loans and Asia's first fintech. Exited Debtdomain to KKR, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs MBD and IHS Markit. his investment portfolio comprises 25+ tech companies including Shaw Academy, Lendable, Alterest, OnBuy, Shift Group, Koyo Loans, Impak Finance, Chaser Technologies, Tabeo, Outfund, Simba Sleep, TeachKloud and Marco Polo Learning. Investments include equity, warrants, senior and junior debt. I'm an LP and Advisor to Fuel Ventures and LP in Frontline Ventures. He previously arranged syndicated loans and structured deals in Asia for Standard Chartered and Macquarie and was a Tax specialist Chartered Accountant (KPMG and National Australia Bank). During his career, He has been based in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.
Country: UK
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