Tim Dodd

Tim lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and has been a full time professional photographer since 2009. He’s been chosen as Flickr’s featured artist of the week in 2014 for his Everyday Astronaut series. You may be familiar with Tim’s work through reddit as his photos has been on the front page several times (/u/termderd) His work has been featured on NBC’s the TODAY show, a print feature in The Guardian’s Art & Design section, the cover of “Courrier International” (France), published in EOS Magazine (UK) Huff Post, CNN, BBC, Reader’s Digest, yahoo news, Buzzfeed’s top posts, MSN, HLNtv, and Glamour.com. His photos has been published in AP magazine three times, The Sun UK newspaper, BILD newspaper in Germany, The Guardian, Astronomy Today, Ciel et Espace and others. His website, TimDoddPhotography.com, has been viewed by over 1,000,000 people in virtually every country and all 50 states since it has been active. His @EverydayAstronaut account on Instagram has over 25k followers and is rapidly growing.
Country: US
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