Achim Weiss

With more than 20 years of experience, Achim Weiss is a seasoned veteran of the Internet industry. As CEO of IONOS, he is responsible for the company’s overall strategy and product development. Achim is considered as one of the top experts in the field of massive scalable internet infrastructures. In 2010, Achim founded ProfitBricks, the first German company that focused on cloud infrastructure (IaaS). Following 1&1’s acquisition of ProfitBricks in 2017, Achim returned to 1&1’s management board, and was named CEO of IONOS in October 2018. Achim previously served as 1&1’s Chief Technology Officer where he developed the world's first mass market hosting platform and was responsible for the construction of three data centers in Germany and the US that host nearly 100,000 servers. Achim is also responsible for building 1&1’s German DSL and VoIP infrastructure from scratch and developed a nationwide CDN for maxdome – one of Germany’s first video on demand services. Achim previously served as CEO for 1&1’s sister agency, GMX, which is the largest e-mail platform in Europe. He also co-founded Schlund+Partner in 1995, a German web hosting developer, which was acquired by 1&1 in 1998.
Country: Germany
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