Sudhansu Das

Miss Sudhansu Bala Das is a certified, Dynamic Software Engineer with 4 years of niche experience in the Defence Research and Development Organization(DRDO). She started her career as a Junior Researcher in Campus Area Network(CAN) of ITR,DRDO where she was involved in the design and development of many types of software using .NET Platform. As a Software Developer her role is to develop software packages for automating different management activities for e-administration and paper-less office through online services. She has excelled in both technical as well as leadership quality. Her current designation is Senior Researcher in Electro Optical Tracking System(EOTS) where she is working on Natural Language Processing. It considers Real time implementation of Speech Recognition using python, NLTK Libraries and its application. Speech recognition technology is a kind of technology that provides a communication between a man and machine. This work will be used in Indigenous EOTS for Human Machine Interface. The system operates based on speech commands or speech control signals like ‘stop’, ‘left’, and ‘right’, back, ‘go’ and so on. Sudhansu is a highly motivated team player with all-around skills. She has an exemplary track record in delivering excellence in mission-critical projects.
Country: India
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