Amina Jackson

Amina Jackson is knowledgeable and skilled by academic background and work experience in the fields of bioinformatics, cybersecurity, and computer science. A bioinformatician, computer scientists, and an expert in cybersecurity, committed to continuously leverage technology in developing new approaches and engineering new tools that are secure, fast and accurate, to analyze and interpret data for the better understanding of genetics and the molecular mechanism of diseases. has ability to use High Performance computing techniques, to develop bioinformatics tools, databases, and security tools using programing languages such as java, python, MySQL, PHP, and html. Skilled in use of data analysis techniques such as machine learning and generation of analytics. Can work and administer Linux systems, develop and deploy applications in cloud environments and has a good understanding or computer organization and architecture. Very passionate about using technology to improve the quality of life and expand the lifespan in our biosphere. Key Skills Summary Genetics and Genomics: - analyzing genetic data, cancer genetics, pharmacogenomics and epigenomics Systems biology: - proteomics, metabolomics, and transcriptomics, analyzing data such as microarray data, next generation sequencing data, omics data Developing web applications and writing scripts using Python, java, mysql, php, and html Linux Systems administration Use bioinformatics tools, new technologies and biotechnology techniques and tools Application and implementation of machine learning techniques Molecular medicine: FDA regulations, drug development and clinical trials, recombinant & cellular therapies, adult & embryonic stem cells, malignant diseases therapeutics, molecular diagnostics, and gene therapy Biomedical informatics: clinical researches, HIPAA compliance, EMR and EHRs systems Cloud application and network security Cloud application development and deployment
Country: US
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