Ellie Rose

Ellie Rose is a passionate scientist; She has studied a range of sciences throughout college and her Natural Sciences degree at university. She desires to learn more and use her scientific knowledge and experience to tackle problems that affect many. Her degree background is primarily within biology and chemistry with a greater specialism in organic synthetic chemistry. She previously completed a Masters in synthetic chemistry, working to produce chemical scaffolds for potential drug usage. This enabled her to gain a great experience of practical chemistry laboratory skills, understanding and use of NMR and chromatography techniques. Subsequently she joined Johnson Matthey in the capacity of Graduate Scientist. Her first rotational placement focused on the development of a selective hydrogenation catalyst and associated testing. The second rotational placement was at Tracerco. She researched oil and water tracers used in oil reservoirs. She particularly increased her analytical chemistry skills and learnt Octave coding. The final placement was a catalyst preparation role. She specialised in the preparation of mixed metal catalyst slurries and associated forming. An extensive experiment of designs was developed and completed to allow for method improvement at the manufacturing plant. She is now working as a Propellant Chemist at Roxel UK as part of a new team developing a novel propellant system. The research is incredibly varied and covers a wide range of topics to achieve a propellant that meets very specific and challenging criteria. Her health and safety skills are being significantly tested and improved due to working with highly energetic materials.
Country: UK
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