Patrick is a public speaker/trainer/coach on : military decision making, leadership and planning in contested areas transformed to business expedition racing and climbing. Civil career (1993 - current): * International business development, in highly technical branches in a commercial environment. * 20 yrs experience as managing director in B2B and retail. * Managing transition processes, change agent in organizations. * Generate new business concepts and put them into action. * 7 years business development in international aerospace environment, space and defence (2015-current) * Professional sparring partner in strategic issues. * Using military insights for business. Military career : * Started with Dutch Special Forces, green beret in 1989, conscript army. * ISAF in Afghanistan (Uruzgan) 2008, officer specialist within Provincial Reconstruction Team. * Career officer in 2010, major (OF-3) * ISAF in Afghanistan 2011, HQ Regional Command North, Chief plans and transition within Civ-Mil cell. * Chief Operations 2010-2011 * Deputy Battalion Commander 2012 - 2015 * Active reserve Officer within SOCOM (2019 - current)
Country: The Netherlands
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