Scott Dewis

Scott Dewis was lucky enough to build his first company RaceRocks Digital while creating visual effects for some of televisions hottest shows. He contributed to one Emmy during this time, and was nominated for 3 others, he was also named “Newsmaker of the Year”, “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Top Twenty Canadian Film Makers to Watch”. This experience laid the foundation for his second company, RaceRocks 3D, which uses storytelling, gamification and AR/VR/MR for training, and visual data analytics to empower critical cost saving decisions. They've had success in aerospace and defence training, predictive maintenance, and ISS programs. They’ve been nominated for 13 business awards including “Tech Company of the Year”, “Innovative Excellence”, “Top 75 Canadian Defence Companies”, and “Team of the Year”, but the highest honor they’ve received was when a major aerospace client called them their “creative therapists”. His job titles so far has included founder, CEO, and head instructor, he also has experience as producer, VFX supervisor, lead animator, captain and racing coach, but building a company means I’m pretty good with a broom, a spread sheet, BD, cheerleading, making vomit worthy decisions or anything that gets thrown at him. He's stepping into a new role as Executive Chainman, and out of day to day business operations, this is very exciting as the company grows from inward focused scrappy Startup, to community and globally minded medium sized business, strategic relationships within the community, industry and government will be his new focus.
Country: Canada
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