Lt Col Prashant Mishra

Lt Col Prashant Mishra's professional titles has ranged from AVP Engineering, SVP Operations and Head of Telecom Products to Program/ Project Manager but when you break his responsibilities down, he is much more than that. He is an innovator, a visionary, a storyteller, a leader, a problem solver and a collaborative business partner. At the start of his career, he joined the National Defence Academy (NDA) after being inspired by a war hero. He got commissioned in the Corps of Signals where he gained valuable experience in combat communications, signal intelligence, tactical networks, strategic networks, electronics warfare and fiscal oversight. This experience paved the way for a successful career in engineering and product innovation. As a Senior Engineering Leader, he has developed an accomplished background leading the design, rollout and enhancement of technologies that support business goals, organizational transformation and innovation. He's found his success has been achieved by leading large-scale change initiatives, introducing modern technologies and driving cost-effective, scalable technology solutions to align business goals with operational strategies. He specializes in developing and implementing processes and solutions that redefine operational value, stimulate performance improvements and meet regulatory and business requirements. He is also experienced in building and leading high performing teams and establishing positive cultures focused on productivity and performance.