Jaron Jones

Jaron Jones currently serves as the Regional Diversity Leader for Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems and oversee the successful development and execution of annual Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives that are aligned with key business strategy components. He is a nationally recognized TED speaker and story coach, author, workshop facilitator, and consultant with a focus on developing resilient and inclusive communities. His doctoral studies in leadership development focused on leadership theory and measurement, critical and creative thinking, and leadership in cross-cultural settings. He researched methods to enhance individuals’ self-efficacy and personal hardiness through narrative approaches and has a strong knowledge of training and development and human resource management. In all aspects of his teaching and consulting, he believes that excellence in education, service and research are enhanced when diversity, equity, and inclusion are practiced within our organizations. He believes that through operating inclusively, organizations can successfully prepare diverse leaders to solve global problems.
Country: US
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