Polixis Company

Polixis is known to the market as a boutique, best-in-class advisory firm, specializing in the emerging markets Risk & Compliance. With ARDIS, they take this expertise to the next level by blending human expertise with machine intelligence and emerging markets' big data. The result is a unique technological solution that aims to change the way Risk & Compliance teams work on client and transactional due diligence. At Polixis they believe that human analyst's time is precious. That is why they decided to build a solution that accelerates research, reduces costs, leaving precious human resources to make final decisions on the matter. This blend of human expertise and machine intelligence is also complemented by their team's readiness to step in and help with any research & analytical tasks when you decide that a particular case requires human analyst's intervention.
Technology: Intelligent Data Analysis
Industry: Business Intelligence & Analytics
Headquarters: Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland

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