Aicatech AI Company

AICA is dedicated to use Artificial Intelligence to simplify the programming of robots. The adventure started after the co-founders realised the complexity of programming robots. Indeed, it needs high skills and hours, even days of work. A question emerged: can we make robot programming at people's fingertips? Since then, the co-founders have developed a software which reduces the computing time, using a user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms. AICA believe that interacting with a robot should be as easy as using a smartphone. AICA hope that through our innovation and progress, robots can be used in more areas. No dirty, dull or dangerous task should be executed by human operators anymore. We see a future where people can focus on creative and challenging work.
Technology: Robotics
Industry: Robotics
Headquarters: Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
Employees Number: 1-10

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