Clutch.AI Company

Clutch.AI was born at Khosla Labs to solve problems at incubated startups, such as Novopay. Our first project was to build an AI enabled Credit Rating Engine for Kiraana Owners working with Novopay. Since many of them were not High School graduates, and most of them didn't have CIBIL scores, they leveraged hundreds of data sources, including Kiraana transactions, online indicators, public records, POS meta-data, etc. Since they got to work with several banks, we realized that machine learning isn't used by a lot of banks since it's not interpretable. They developed a Zero Code interpretable machine learning workbench that can be used across industries to quickly see relationships in and predict future data with an API that can simply be plugged in to web or other software applications. Leveraging this tool, they built an AI enabled real-time fleet management solution that tracks Novopay's network of ~800 sales people and distributors, managing their retail network of over 50K locations. They help that allocate leads more intelligently, manage churn in real-time, and optimise beat maps based on traffic.
Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Software
Industry: FinTech (DeepTech)
Headquarters: India
Founded Date: 2017
Employees Number: Nov-50

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