IDUN Technologies Company

Internet of Humans: in which our bodies drive, actively and passively, our experiences with connected devices. We have a holistic understanding of all aspects of the value chain from brain activity to product integration. This value chain includes: (1) innovative biosensor development, (2) custom hardware design; (3) data collection and analysis; and (4) product integration. IDUN Technologies integrates neuroscience into every-day product designs, enabling connected devices to understand the emotional needs of people, providing for happier and more fulfilling product experiences. IDUN achieves this by delivering the full neurofeedback value chain from electrode manufacturing to product design integration. This allows the brain waves of person to be comfortably characterized through-out the day to understand their unique emotional needs. Through the IDUN API, actional inputs are sent to connected devices, providing more interactive and fulfilling product experiences. Our goal is to fuse emotion intelligence with connected devices, enabling cohesion and understanding between humans and the connected world. Electroencephalography (EEG) imaging of the brain allows us to characterize the way in which our brain processes information. From EEG signals we extract features related to the emotional and cognitive loads of people. While EEG recording has been used in controlled laboratory environments for decades, it has not been integrated into consumer devices that seamlessly integrate with daily life. We believe that daily measurements of the brain will unlock insights that are not possible with only laboratory measurements. Each brain is unique, with its own algorithm that we are focused on decoding. We translate EEG biomarkers from research findings into our product design and build upon research by developing tests that empirically characterize the brain activity resulting from specific environmental inputs. The goal is to not simply provide the end user with a recording of their brain as a complex data stream, but to give them actionable insights, or passively change their digital experience to better suit their brain state.
Industry: P4 Medicine
Headquarters: Zurich
Estimated Revenue: Less than $1M

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