Musical Blockchain Company

World's first Creative approach to blockchain. They invented and developed a solution which takes data (images/graphics/text/etc) and converts it into musical composition/soundwave, building it tone-by-tone using the AI+Blockchain and natural-like inspiration and improvisation. With this solution they proposing a new, innovative way for melodic sequence composition, sound generation and new fundamentals for computer-based improvisation (Decentralized Improvisation). When it comes to AI/computer-generated works, resulting in computer-generated sequences powered by pre-trained neural networks or similar machine learning algorithms, it is proximate to the result of the work of a real human being. Caring about environmental aspects - they contributing to the technology development with less energy-wasting algorithmic models, making this solution kinda 'green'.
Technology: Machine Learning
Industry: Enterteinment
Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania
Founded Date: 2018
Funding Status: N/A

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