Magma Solutions Company

Magma solutions is a UAV software company and developer of AirVision system. Their business is focused on providing solutions to UAV manufacturers and systems integrators. It is difficult to create complete vision processing system with ultra-high quality sensors(4K cameras, thermal cameras, LIDAR sensors), long range datalinks and advanced software capabilities like moving object tracking. AirVision framework allows to lower development costs and create vision processing system for different industries - from agriculture to defense. Magma solutions was started in 2011 and was participating in various projects with Vilnius University (oldest Lithuanian university), Adform (Danish advertisement company), other companies. In 2015 Magma solutions was awarded contract by Lithuanian MoD to create vertical take-off and landing UAV. Magma solution is responsible for high resolution sensor data (day and night vision) processing.
Technology: Machine Learning
Industry: Transport and Infrastucture
Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania
Founded Date: 2011
Funding Status: N/A

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