4SmartStreets Company

4SmartStreets service allows customers to make wise, on the facts and data – based decisions to plan infrastructure development in their city. 4SmartStreets is the future for traffic flow data analytics, given the client the precise, factual data it needs to make smart decisions in its town, city or country. 4SmartStreets service gives the client access to data about certain objects traffic flow, allowing to make data driven decisions when it comes to infrastructure planning or development. ​​4SmartStreets is based on the deep learning technology, in other words, we teach our systems to recognize a defined moving object and learn from the images it is seeing. 4SmartStreets get smarter every day. The use of deep learning technology in the 4SmartStreets solution allows to expand the functionality of the product and through video analytics to identify if the cyclist is wearing a helmet or has a child seat, recognize and count pedestrians and cars, and other relevant objects in motion.
Technology: Computer Vision
Industry: Transport and Infrastucture
Headquarters: Riga,Latvia
Founded Date: 2016
Funding Status: Seed

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