Animatico Company

Our core software technology is an avatar animation and interaction platform which can be used to create interactive avatars for customer support in large public environments. Our technology is specifically designed to work in challenging environments with background noise where we deploy our own audio-video sensor fusion to reliably detect interactions and voice activity of a user. In that way, we are able to improve the customer experience by providing a personal assistant to visitors of large public spaces (like shopping malls). Visitors can approach our avatars and receive support in an interactive, intuitive and entertaining way. In retail stores, we are able to recommend products to the shoppers and provide a personalized shopping experience (e.g. wine recommendations). By deploying our avatars, we can reduce staff workload, increase personalized customer attention, and provide statistics on those interactions.
Industry: Customer Engagement for Brands; Retail Solutions
Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
Employees Number: 1-10

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